Recruiting Services

Don't have the time to screen and select a qualified candidate?  Afraid that if you run an ad you'll be bombarded with a million resumes?  Contact us to help you:

  • Create job descriptions
  • Post your ad on line using the top job boards*
  • Review resumes
  • Conduct phone interviews
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Background verifications**
  • Present top candidates to you for final interviews
  • Interview follow up (i.e. turn down letters)
  • Develop job offer letters
  • Create an employee orientation (on boarding) program
  • Save you money!

Unlike traditional recruiters, CEA helps to contain costs by charging an hourly fee as opposed to a percentage of the new hire's salary. Let CEA take the hassle out of hiring for you and deliver top candidates and $ave money & time with CEA's specialized recruiting services!

You have made the entire interview /recruitment process run so smoothly. Sometimes it is difficult to go through this process alone and by having your there as a mentor/motivator really helps. You are the recruitment cheerleader! During the process you were always a great example of being professional with a splash of fun. It truly is the little things like that, which makes an impression on applicants.

Job Board


*Never before has posting a job, or looking for one, been this fast, this easy! CEA's job board utilizes the latest in web technologies to deliver results immediately. Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, setting up a new account or managing an existing one is a snap.

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