Workforce Development

CEA works with various Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) to successfully expand employer resources within local business communities. CEA is an equal opportunity employer. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

California Employers Association's Statewide Reach: Our staff of HR experts, located throughout California, provide HR solutions onsite and over the phone to employers every day.

We work closely with the California Workforce Association (CWA) to provide training for staff at local career centers (America's Job Centers). CEA also offers a program certifying facilitators in Global Career Development.

CEA's Scope of Services

How CEA works with WIBs:

  • Human Resource (HR) Hotlines. Available for business owners 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. Our hotlines are dedicated to quickly answering human resources questions (2-hour call back).
  • Business engagement activities, such as topic-specific seminars, webinars, audio conferences and workshops for the business community.
  • Development of employment boot camps that connect job seekers to employers looking to hire.
  • Recruitment screening services.
  • Outplacement services to assist businesses with layoffs and job seekers with employment skills and opportunities.
  • Facilitation of focus groups that provide vital input to career centers throughout the state.
  • Implementation of professional networking groups for job seekers (at high skill levels) which connect them with hiring employers.

CEA's Success Rates

  • City of Avenal: 2002 to present, CEA has provided a CEA Membership for the city’s administrative office.
  • San Bernardino WIB: 2010 to present, CEA has been hosting educational forums and an HR Hotline for local employers. Over 900 businesses have attended the workshops and hotline has received over 1000 calls.
  • Golden Sierra WIB: 2009 to present, CEA has been facilitating a 16-week training program for Highly Skilled Professionals called Professional Edge. Combined with SETA programs, more than 700 people have participated with an 80% hire rate and an average minimum wage of $55,000!
  • Sacramento (SETA) WIB: 2011 to present, CEA has facilitated multiple Professional Edge training programs. Combined with GSWIB programs, more than 700 people have participated with an 80% hire rate. 2003 – 2007, CEA Hosted 21 employment boot camps in construction, manufacturing and customer service, 208 candidates graduated with a 79% hire rate and an 85% retention rate!
  • Fresno County: 2014 to present, CEA facilitates a Professional Edge Training Program.
  • Yolo County: 2014 to 2016, CEA facilitated Professional Edge Training Programs.    
  • Contra Costa County: 2006‐2008, CEA provided business enhancement support and layoff aversion outreach services to 354 businesses via Human Resource hotlines and onsite educational seminars.

Professional Edge Programs

For over a decade, CEA has partnered with numerous Workforce Boards throughout the State to provide training and employer outreach events. Our experience in Job Readiness training development and Employer Engagement ranges from Layoff Aversion programs and Incumbent Worker Development to Professional Edge Training targeting all levels of jobseekers eligible under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA).

CEA’s Professional Edge Series offers training that understands employer’s expectations in customer service skills, communication, self-leadership and team assimilation. The training includes:

  • 32 hours of interactive classroom and computer lab training geared to gain employment
  • A StrengthsFinder2.0 assessment to identify innate talents and build confidence*
  • HRCI/SHRM certifications**
  • Contemporary job search strategies
  • Leadership and essential skills
  • A career networking event
  • Experience working with social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Networking skills

Professional Edge Train the Trainer

Professional Edge “Train the Trainer” licensing program to Workforce Development Boards which includes the rights to use our Professional Edge career transition materials for a 12 month period. Participants will attend classes on job readiness, contemporary career strategies and essential skills needed by local employers. All trainings build upon one another with a focus on leadership, communication and other professional development opportunities to successfully obtain and/or retain employment.

CEA’s Professional Edge Train the Trainer program will provide your staff with the instructional skills, techniques and confidence they need to facilitate successful learning. CEA will provide trainer certifications to ensure an individual has demonstrated competency in the essential skills needed to get results in the classroom.

Employment Boot Camp/Fast Start Programs

Program history:

In 2003, the Department of Labor (DOL) awarded a grant to the National Association of Manufacturers Center for Workforce Success (NAM) for the purpose of workforce development programs. NAM selected CEA to receive a portion of that grant to act as a Workforce Development Intermediary.

With this grant, CEA created a one-week employment training program called Manufacturing Boot Camp and served as the liaison between 1) manufacturers who have jobs they are unable to fill, 2) unemployed workers wanting to work and become independent of government assistance, and 3) the public and private agencies having difficulty filling this skills gap.

Because of the success of Manufacturing Boot Camp, CEA has collaborated with SETA (Sacramento Employment and Training Agency), LEED (Linking Education and Economic Development), to provide Construction Boot Camps and SWBH (Sacramento Works for Better Health) to provide the Employment Fast-Start Program (a boot camp program for the hospitality and customer service industry).

Additionally CEA has conducted train-the-trainer programs and workshops in California, Florida, North Dakota, Texas, and Washington DC.

Customized Employment Boot Camp/Fast Start Programs

For businesses who are recruiting employees, CEA provides an Onsite Employment Boot Camp Program which includes recruitment, employment screening, drug testing, and the following job skills training for new employees:

  • StrengthsFinder
  • Skills Assessment (following directions, accuracy, basic math, and comprehension)
  • Safety Training
  • Customer Service
  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity Training
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness
  • Interview Skills
  • Applications and Resumes
  • Becoming an Indispensable Employee

Project Hired

California Employers Association (CEA) and the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) a division of Vietnam Veterans of California, Inc. (VVC) are seeking sponsorship for a 16-week training specifically designed for Veterans entering the challenging job market.

Our customized program assists veterans in their transition with post-military careers. For many veterans the transition from military to civilian life is difficult and many have returned to find there are few jobs available.

The VETNet Forum provides transition assistance by leveraging experiences and providing peer support. Professional Edge Veterans workshops provide an array of career development services to prepare returning veterans for successful careers. CEA’s Professional Edge programs resulted in 80% of their participants hired in the last fiscal year with salaries averaging over 50K. The Veteran Business Outreach Center, a division of VVC and CEA need you to help put our veterans back
to work.

If you are interested in any of these programs, or would like to learn more about them, please contact Daniela Devitt, or call 800 399-5331.

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