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Ramon Canova - Marque Foods, LLC
As small business owners in California, we operate in a "mine field" of regulations. Discovering who to turn to for advice can make the difference between success and failure. As with most of my peers, we do not have HR or Legal departments, but we have the same exposure as the larger companies. Your organization has served as both for Marque Foods for years. Finding the CEA was an important turning point for us. The CEA, and in particular, Dennis Pufpaf, has always been a phone call away, able to either advise me or get me legal advice, guiding us through the legalities of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, labor board inquiries, termination, hiring etc. Dennis has always been ready and available to help. The CEA is a remarkable resource. When I sold my company a couple of years ago, Dennis worked with me a full day in our offices to transition the employees from the old company to the new company. I adopted and adapted your Employee Manual for Marque Foods and for years it has continually solved problems before they developed. All of these services, so well provided, enabled me to successfully build, sell and retire from my company. Thank you to you and your CEA team for a job well done.

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