Studies show outplacement services result in a 40% reduction in the average unemployed time period! Outplacement resources help individuals engage and connect with more employers with better results and may reduce the risk of liability for a company.

When your business takes advantage of CEA’s Outplacement Services, you:

  • Send a positive message to remaining employees, community and clients
  • Ensure a seamless and prompt transition for individuals
  • Provide an individual with a positive action plan

TERMINATIONS/LAYOFFS: When a company releases an employee, whatever the reason, it can be a traumatic experience that affects the employer, employee and those left behind. In this situation, the displaced individual may endure an identity crisis and emotions ranging from fear and anger to despair. The next time you release an employee, instead of offering a severance package, or in addition to a severance package, consider CEA’s Outplacement Options. 

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OUTPLACEMENT OPTIONS- For both Private and Public Sector Employers.

Professional Edge

- A facilitated networking forum for unemployed professionals. For more information on this program, click here.

Team Building - Strengths Finder*

CEA has developed a training program designed to quickly improve your organization’s performance and create a positive change in your culture. When leaders focus on individual strengths rather than their weaknesses, the results are profound. Encouraging your team to “Do what they do best” is a formula for success. Studies have shown that when an individual is coached to focus on their talents and strengths, they are more productive and feel as if their individual contribution matters to their team. Leaders can better delegate work to others when they have the ability to understand and manage a maximum performing team. Good leaders either have an innate sense of knowing what people are really good at and how to structure a high performing team, OR they find a tool that can help them make it happen.

CEA’s Building a Strengths Based Workforce training includes:

  • The StrengthsFinder 2.0 book
  • Gallup’s online assessment
  • An analysis of each participant’s top 5 strengths
  • Practical tools to achieve career goals and develop their leadership style

Participants will discuss their results in an interactive group session.  Each employee will learn how to utilize and capitalize on their individual strengths, as well as the combined strengths of the team, to benefit the workplace as a whole. Managers in the training will learn how to coach and develop highly productive teams, based on each member’s strengths.

Half day (4 hours) training. Class size minimum 10 attendees/maximum 20.
$199 person
For more information, email  or call 800 399-5331 to build your Strengths Based Workforce for 2014!

Interview Skills Workshop

2 to 4 hours + 1 hour of prep and travel time.

  • Job search tips
  • Interview process: preparation, etiquette/effectiveness, the sell, the interview, post-interview
  • Mock interview session

Applications and Resumes Workshop

4 hours + 1 hour of prep and travel time (depending upon number of people).

  • Completing the application: how to/tips, different parts
  • Resume: purpose, formats, tips, samples

One on One Consulations

Customizable by the hour (including prep and travel time).

  • Career assessment
  • Personality assessment - DiSC assessment
  • Resume Writing and Interview techniques
  • Job Search assistance

For further information and pricing, please contact a membership services director at CEA today!  If you would like this information in a .pdf click here.


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