IIPP Safety Program

A Prevention Program Will Save Your Business

Every business in California is required to have an Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).

Option 1: Do it yourself! Download our easy, do-it-yourself IIPP Guide and customizable IIPP template for low hazard and small businesses. Follow our step-by-step template to create your company's IIPP. Click to purchase this download.

Option 2: Let CEA do the work! For low hazard and/or small businesses CEA can customize a new IIPP for your company or review and revise your current IIPP. Cost is approximately 6 – 10 hours of time, depending on the complexity of the IIPP.   Contact us so we can get started! 

Option 3: For high hazard and complex IIPPs, our safety partner will work with you to develop an IIPP specific to your business. This option includes on site visits and is customized. To get started, please complete this self assessment.  Upon completion of the assessment, our safety partner will review the results and provide you with a free consultation and a quote to plan a path to becoming compliant.

CalOSHA also has resources available to assist employers.


"DAYS after we instituted our Injury & Illness Prevention Program one of our employees got injured. The Cal-OSHA guy was amazed that we had all our documentation immediately available and honestly I think because we were organized and cooperative they cut our penalties way down. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had NOTHING in writing like we did a couple years ago!! So thank you so much for your company’s services."

Catherine Pilibos West
Stephen Investments, Inc.


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