The War for Talent Continues

Posted by: Jessica Mirabile, CEA Director of Recruiting on Friday, September 27, 2019

man interviewing with two womenEarlier this year in our June newsletter, we talked about how recruiting for top talent is tougher this year due to historically low unemployment rates. As we enter the last quarter of 2019, employers continue to count on CEA to help them with their recruiting needs, due to fewer available candidates and the recruiting challenges they are encountering.

We know there’s a well-documented skills gap in the employment marketplace. Employers in just about every industry are willing to hire, yet, many are having difficulty finding enough qualified candidates. As expected, top candidates are particularly difficult to find in industries that require specialized skills. Candidates today have more choices than ever before.

Here are the top Recruiting Challenges we see today:

Recruiting Challenge #1: Candidates are receiving multiple offers

Top candidates have been receiving multiple offers for the past few years because we’re in a candidate's market. Talent is scarce, and employers are competing for what limited talent is available. How many times during the past year has one of your candidates rejected your offer in favor of a more attractive one? This trend is not likely to stop anytime soon. As long as we’re in a candidate's market, top candidates will continue to receive multiple offers.

Recruiting Challenge #2: Employers drag out the hiring process

This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest mistakes that employers are making right now in terms of hiring. While there may be many reasons employers do this, the reality is that time is of the essence in today’s market. Some reasons include inefficient recruitment process, miscommunication, and the insistence on hiring “the perfect candidate.” Candidates won’t wait for an employer, so dragging out the process pretty much guarantees losing out on good candidates.

Recruiting Challenge #3: Employers low-ball candidates

Some employers are still trying to low-ball candidates during the offer stage of the hiring process. Our advice, “be transparent and don’t play games.” The best candidates are routinely entertaining multiple offers and time is wasted when candidates turn down a low-ball offer and ultimately accept another employer’s offer. This also may also leave a bad impression of the company. Salary, benefits, and work environment are important details in a candidate’s decision. If employers don’t offer a competitive package, they are at risk of losing a top candidate.  

Our CEA recruiting team is skilled in recruiting. We are responsive, agile, flexible, and we welcome the opportunity to provide results-focused recruiting services to you and your company. Our recruiting model will also provide you with a great value for your dollars. We can save you money.

Contact CEA today to discover how we can help you meeting one of the biggest challenges employers are facing today!  



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