Recruiting is Tougher in 2019

Posted by: Jessica Rivera-Mirabile, MBA, DCCT, PHR, SHRM-CP on Thursday, May 30, 2019

people sitting in chairs waiting for a job interview“Thank you CEA, you did an amazing job bringing us extremely qualified candidates.” CEA member, March 2019

Our members continue to share with us the difficulties they are having in recruiting top talent.

Today's robust job market is forcing talent acquisition professionals to rethink how they find, engage, and evaluate potential candidates. Last month in our newsletter, five must-dos were discussed that a company must consider to attract top talent. This month we have another article about the importance of branding your company to attract talented job seekers.  

A recent survey of 800 recruiters by Recruiter Nation, revealed, 74% believe hiring will continue to be more competitive. 67% said their biggest challenge in hiring is the lack of skilled, high-quality candidates.

We, at CEA, can assist you with the hiring challenges we are seeing in 2019. We understand why recruiting professionals are re-evaluating what success looks like, so that quality hires are achieved for employers. We also know that employee retention rates are becoming a much higher priority than time and cost-per-hire.

Employers who have used our recruiting services have become repeat customers as well as strong referral sources for CEA’s recruiting services. We recently completed six recruiting jobs for one CEA member alone and are getting additional recruiting opportunities from them this month. One recruiting contract garnered five hires alone for the same role for this growing company!

"Thank you for all your tremendous help CEA. You did a wonderful job finding us talented and down to earth associates. They all turned out to be great candidates."

CEA member, May 2019

Responsiveness and flexibility are keys in today’s war for talent. Hiring managers tell us daily, they don’t have the time to recruit along with their full-time managerial duties. CEA works closely with our employers to save them time and money. We know the value of time, and we do the backend work to bring you top candidates who have been screened. We understand top talent is looking at different companies for that next role, and time is of the essence. Being quick to respond to qualified candidates increase the chances of hiring the best.

We also recognize that with the various communication platforms available to all of us today, flexibility is needed. We must meet candidates where they are. We all value our time and the need for faster hiring has made text messaging and other communication platforms just as important as the traditional communication channels.

Our CEA recruiting team is skilled in recruiting. We are responsive, agile, and flexible and we welcome the opportunity to provide results-focused recruiting services to you and your company.

Contact CEA to discover how we can help you meet one of the biggest challenges employers are facing today. Our Membership team will expertly guide you through our recruiting services to determine how we can best serve your company with its hiring needs today.

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