Trainer's Tips: Train the Skill...Hire for Attitude

Posted by: Daniela Devitt, Director, Training & Workforce Development for CEA on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Daniela DevittAsk any recruiter and they will tell you in today's tight labor market skilled talent is hard to find. Most employers have unicorn wishes that their new hire is work-ready on day one. According to Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of ComTIA, a nonprofit trade association, there has been an abundance of talent when the market was tight and unemployment was high, "Over the past 20 years companies got very picky looking for people who were the perfect fit."

"Employers are convinced that if they train people they are just going to lose them," says Peter Cappelli, director of the Center for Human Resources at the Wharton School. Talent is hard to find and until recently employers have been reluctant to hire workers that they have to train.

This may have been true a decade ago, however, the trend of a tighter labor market quickly changes the game. Today innovative companies are not solely focused on experience or skill, they hire for aptitude and attitude! This is how a business builds employee engagement that results in higher retention. There are other advantages to investing in entry-level workers on the job training. Recruiters can hire for organizational fit including attitude giving the employee and the employer the advantages of developing talents and skills.

In Tom Peters' new book, The Excellence Dividend, he argues that training should be "investment, No. 1." Peters says companies willing to train simultaneously address needed skills while producing employees who "do things in the ways that fit our distinct culture."

The workforce is changing. Millennials and Generation Z want purpose and a connection to organizations. In a recent survey, Millennials ranked training above benefits, flexible schedules, and employer’s values. They see training as a way toward career goals and advancement.

CEA has adopted this approach and continues to assist our members in making the changes needed to increase employee engagement and retention through essential skills training. Our goal is to eliminate the skills gap while helping leaders develop a talent pipeline. Great organizations are born when entrepreneurs "can't find what they need and so they build their own." Talk with us about adopting a "Hire for Attitude Policy" to bring you positive results in 2019.

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