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Trainer's Tips: Recruiting

Keep it Simple & Timely

Published Wednesday, September 26, 2018
by Jessica Mirabile MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP


Jessica MirabileCEA helps employers to get ahead of the hiring curve on a daily basis. We have witnessed the landscape change this year when it comes to attracting top talent.

We understand that employers have to be quick and smart to attract top talent in our current environment. The job market has been on an upswing for several years now, making the competition among employers more fierce than in recent years. As a result, employers have to make it as simple as possible for job seekers looking for that next opportunity.

A recent Glassdoor survey about recruiting says...

Jobseekers need to know what employers are offering when they post career opportunities for their companies.

According to the survey, U.S. workers and job seekers say that a lack of information about a job's total compensation package, including pay and benefits, is one of their biggest frustrations.

A positive job application experience according to those surveyed includes:

  • 58% want a company communicating with them clearly and regularly
  • 53% said companies need to set out clear expectations for them so that they can prepare
  • 51% said getting feedback from a company, even if they were not successful, would be appreciated
  • 45% want to know how many interviews they will have during the process
  • 43% want a streamlined and efficient job application process

There also is a difference in preferences with men and women, as 57% of women indicate that not receiving enough information about the total compensation package is one of the biggest frustrations during the job interview process, while only 44% of men report this as a frustration during the job search.

How long should the process last? More than 82% of U.S. workers and job seekers said that they would want the entire interview process to take less than a month. Don’t lose a top candidate because the process is too long.

CEA understands the many demands we have on our time. When it comes to recruiting, if it's not done well, it will prevent employers from hiring the best candidates. Unlike traditional recruiters, CEA helps to contain costs by charging an hourly fee as opposed to a percentage of the new hire's salary.

Let CEA take the hassle out of hiring. Let us deliver top candidates, saving you money & time.

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