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Trainer's Tips: Is Your Company Culture Built on Respect?

Published Monday, July 30, 2018
by Daniela Devitt

 Daniela Devitt

A company’s culture reflects everything from your values to how things get done in your organization. Corporate cultures can define your business to your customers and employees. When your work environment is positive and your employees respect each other - the result is improved performance! In today’s economy, it’s important that your company becomes the place where people want to work!

A report released last year by the Society of Human Resource Management, stated that the number one contribution to job satisfaction was not money, not benefits, but “respectful treatment of all employees” and guess what came in second? The “trust between employees and senior management.”

Treating people like they matter is more important than all of the bells and whistles we add to compensation packages to attract and retain a strong workforce. Whether you are a new, growing or legacy company, developing a culture of respect and diversity should be your priority. We all want respect!

Pamela Green, founder and president of The HR Career Institute in Washington, D.C. says that “HR has a huge role in bringing to light incivility in the workplace.” A study she conducted found that the word Civility requires positive gestures of respect, courtesy or kindness that lift people up which increases performance and creativity. Teams function better, and employees are healthier and more engaged in such environments.

To foster respect and civility, the study suggests:
• Hire people who conduct themselves with civility.
• Embody and reward the behavior you want to see.
• Train your teams on communication and active listening skills.
• Interview those who have left the organization to find out why.
• Coach business leaders, managers and employees on how to be civil and respectful of others. Help them to see it as an investment in themselves.
• Hold people accountable, regardless of their level in the organization.

If your organization is committed to retaining and engaging employees, it all comes down to how we make our people feel. Start with respect and trust and you will be on the road to success.

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