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Posted by: Daniela Devitt, Director, Training & Workforce Development for CEA on Friday, June 29, 2018

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Engaged employees are distinctive and easily recognized in the workplace. They exude positive energy and their confidence and will to succeed inspires their peers. Fully engaged managers inspire others to excel and lead by example.

Employees who are fully engaged and immersed in their work can achieve astounding results. According to the American Marketing Association, team commitment to organizational goals can spread like wildfire, thrusting your business forward with a shared drive to achieve. Essential skills training in communication, team building, and conflict resolution are the catalysts to increase engagement in your business.

Most employees, but especially millennials, crave training and career development. However, some audiences are tougher than others. The longer someone has been with the company and/or in their role, the more resistant they are to training and more likely to be disengaged. These pros often roll their eyes at the idea of self improvement or learning new skills. You can hear their thoughts … I’m great at what I do…what is left to learn…nothing can improve the best, right?

So how do you break through to the hard to train and make them want more? Here are some tips from our trainers that you can try in your next meeting:

  • Lecture less and facilitate more. Learning is a better experience when it is interactive.
  • Demonstrate the “why” and “what’s new” from the onset. When you grab the participant’s attention with something they don’t know they listen.
  • Skip the introductions and start with an exercise, case study or problem that exposes the opportunity for improvement and begs for a solution.
  • Use video as an assessment tool. Participants can use their own mobile device (phone, tablet, camera etc.) to record role playing exercises. Videos are objective and don’t judge.
  • Use polls and demonstrations to keep a seasoned audience fully engaged. Use technology such as texting that provides instant feedback to the instructor.
  • Know your topic! Hard to train employees listen up when you show confidence that you really know what you are talking about.
  • Incorporate guest speakers as subject matter experts. Sometimes a new “outside” voice for the same message you’ve been sending is heard differently by those who think they’ve heard it all!

Give these tips a try at your next training session or if you are looking for subject matter experts contact CEA. CEA’s experienced trainer knows how to deal with every type of employee and adult learner. 


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