Like a Good Neighbor Stay over There

Posted by: Jessica Mirabile on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Who thought we would ever say this to our neighbors or our co-workers? Yet, these are unprecedented times that are requiring us to do just that. Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand with all of the news we are hearing about COVID-19 from around the world. All of these reports about the illness and death caused by coronavirus can be hard to take.  

We know we cannot control things like, the length of time this will last or how much toilet paper or paper towels are in the store. We can however, control our attitudes, CDC recommendations for us, limiting social media and news, and our own social distancing.  Self-care is vital for us even when it is business as usual and doubly so today.

Recently, we conducted a free CEA webinar entitled, “Leading During a Crisis” for many leaders who are balancing new challenges today. You can listen to this free webinar, which provides helpful tips for leaders working from home and leading teams of remote workers. We also have a tremendous amount of free additional resources to help employers navigate through COVID-19.

In this webinar, we discussed ten tips for managing stress levels and how to stay healthy both in body and mind. 

  1. Prioritize good sleep. There is no substitute for sleep and will dictate how we handle each day.
  2. Exercise and eat well. It might be time to read those books or start those hobbies that you haven’t had time for in the past months.
  3. Focus on the things you can control or influence. Let go of the rest.
  4. Know the facts-even the difficult ones. Knowledge is power and helps us with uncertainty.
  5. Avoid unregulated online news sources. Look for balanced and upbeat news sites.
  6. Create a vision for now & find purpose in this experience.
  7. Set relevant goals complete with a “to do list”. Acknowledge even the small accomplishments.
  8. Suspend negative self-talk. Give yourself credit for the things you are doing well.
  9. Clean up – maybe. Many folks are finding ways to get rid of “stuff” they do not need.
  10. Get your social needs met. Leverage technology to stay connected.

Being restricted at home can leave you wondering what to do with your time. It is easy to be wrapped up in worrying thoughts or distracting yourself in negative ways. Let’s use this experience as an opportunity to spend this extra time on something meaningful. Whether you use this time to learn and grow or you simply use it to do things you enjoy, make it matter.

Lastly, remember to laugh. Laughter can truly be the best medicine for us even when we don’t feel like laughing. Laughter is good for our health. It relaxes us and boosts the immune system. It releases our body’s natural feel good chemicals and protects our hearts.  Laughter burns calories and it may even help us live longer. Find those moments to laugh with co-workers, family, and pets and yes, even our neighbors.

Please let us know how CEA can continue to serve your business needs at this time through our coaching, recruiting, leadership and essential skills offerings for all levels of your company. We have significant video and conference-calling technology that can be employed as a replacement for in-person meetings.


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