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SpanishOne logoSpanishOne Plus is your partner for accurate, effective communications.

As a CEA member you are eligible for a free initial consultation and a 15 percent discount from SpanishOne Plus' translation services into Spanish. For more information, click here.

Partner Service:
Doing business in California increasingly demands multilingual communications for internal HR needs as well as external communications. SpanishOne Plus is skilled in the nuances of language, offering translation services into over 100 languages.

Through market opportunity or policy mandate, California companies have an increasing need for top quality English-to-Spanish translations in every field of expertise - including legal, financial, health care, websites and software.

From the legal precision of employee handbooks to the technical jargon of software manuals, SpanishOne Plus' team of translators and editors deliver finished communications that reflect the professionalism, integrity and distinct tone of your messaging. 

SpanishOne Plus has a track record of success in translating:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee surveys
  • Health care communications
  • Legal documents
  • Higher education curricula
  • Websites and more

SpanishOne Plus also offers:

  • Bilingual employee evaluations
  • Cultural strategies
  • Over the phone interpreting
  • Ready to print files
  • Media coaching
  • Subtitling for training/educational videos
  • Voiceover talent

Language and Communication Consulting Services:
Communicating with the Hispanic consumer requires a specifically targeted approach. For example, the Hispanic audience prefers information in different media than other population groups. Are you armed with the cultural understanding you need to create an effectively targeted campaign?

SpanishOne Plus' consulting services will help you plan the best course of action to communicate with your specific audience. When you're not sure what types of translation you need, SpanishOne Plus will meet with you one-on-one to analyze your marketing goals and propose a plan that hits your target while respecting your budget.


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