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2019 New Laws

2019 Minimum Wage and Minimum Salary (State)

FCRA Notice of Consumer Rights Updated

Is Your Heat Illness Prevention Program Up to Date? 

Guide to Preventing Workplace Violence: Planning and Strategic Issues

Injury Illness Prevention Program

  • All Employers with 10 or more Employees must have a written plan
  • Employers must provide employees with a copy of their IIPP within 10 days of request 
  • Create your own with this e-tool or work with our partner, Boretti, Inc.

Preventing Harassment  Flyer

Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Leave - Fact Sheet Updated October 2018

California Paid Sick Leave Laws - Resource Guide (Fox Rothschild) Updated October 2018

HR Planning Calendar 


Workforce Investment Boards

For over a decade, CEA has partnered with numerous Workforce Investment Boards throughout the State providing occupational training, job seeker bootcamps and career forums. To see our involvement, click here.

The strategies and vision of the California Workforce Investment Boards are carried out through a network of One-Stop Career Centers which offer businesses, job seekers and youth with innovative employment and training services. More information is available through America's Job Centers (One Stop Career Centers).

San Francisco Requirements

Los Angeles Requirements

Federal Government Information

California Government Forms

Employment Development Department (Unemployment, SDI, Workers Compensation)

Health Care, Safety, and Substance Abuse

  • COBRA Notices -The Department of Labor provides information relating to COBRA and the COBRA subsidy under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), and additional guidance in the form of FAQs for employers and employees. 
  • HIPP (Health Insurance Premium Payment Program) For a free download of the HIPP information from the State of California Department of Health Services, or to find out if your employee qualifies for the program, click on this link for more information.


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