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Membership with CEA, and the dues payable herewith, shall be effective immediately, subject to the approval of the California Employers Association Board of Directors or Executive Committee. The applicant agrees to abide in the Bylaws, rules and policies of CEA, and in the decisions of its duly constituted committees. Upon approval of membership, dues are not refundable. It is agreed that this contract may be rejected by refund of all monies rendered herewith.

It is understood and agreed that the company's, or its successor's, term of membership shall be one year (12 months) from the month of membership acceptance and shall be continuous until canceled in writing. However, if CEA assisted in the negotiations of a collective bargaining agreement, the company's, or its successor's, membership term shall be the entire duration of the said collective bargaining agreement. It is also understood and agreed that membership may be terminated by the company, or its successor, in writing 30 days in advance or by the CEA Board of Directors or CEA Executive Committee upon notice as provided in the bylaws in effect. If the company's membership terminates prior to the end of the twelve (12) month term, the company, or its successor, agrees to pay all outstanding invoices for that term and any costs or fees incurred by or payable to CEA for services rendered to the company or its successor immediately upon cancellation.

The company, or its successor, understands and agrees that its fully paid membership dues entitles it to eight (8) consultation hours per membership year. Hours may be used for human resource/labor relations consultation and services rendered by CEA. Should these hours be exceeded, the company, or its successor, understands and agrees to reimburse CEA at the prevailing hourly rate in effect. Consultation hours shall renew in full at the beginning of each membership term, and no hours may be carried over from one membership
term to another.

In accordance with Article IV, Section 7, of the CEA bylaws, the information provided in this membership contract is complete and accurate to the best of the company's knowledge. Furthermore, the company, or its successor, understands and agrees to the terms of membership contained in this contract. Membership pricing is subject to change upon renewal.

CEA advice is educational and informational in nature, and not intended as minimum standards, or legal or other professional advice. California Employers Association has endeavored to include all appropriate and accurate statements, but disclaims any and all warranties and/or responsibility for the statements or their uses.


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