Starbucks Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Posted by: CEA's HR Advisor Team on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

Starbucks temporarily closed 8,000 of its U.S. stores on Tuesday, May 29 to conduct staff training on racial bias. Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, called for this training immediately after two black men were arrested for trespassing when they refused to leave a Starbucks in Philadelphia as they waited on a friend last month. One of the men had been denied access to the bathroom because he had not purchased anything. Charges were dropped, but the incident sparked a national furor.

What actions would you take if you had a racial bias issue in your company?  Johnson understands how important it is to maintain a positive brand and image. Not only did he send out a letter, but he also created a video to apologize and make sure this never happened again.

It’s no small task to train 175,000 employees across the U.S., thus the need to close the stores, but Johnson stated, "We're taking a hard look at who we are as a company. We're ashamed and recognize that racial bias is a problem we must address."

Who are you as a company?  Is your company the picture of harmony and health? Is diversity or inclusion something that needs to be addressed in your workplace?  
A successful Diversity and Inclusion Training Program includes at least three components:  

1.    Training that is interactive and examines:  

•    What is bias and how is it impacting us?
•    How does bias show up in human behavior, in the decisions we make and how we treat people?
•    How do we mitigate that behavior?
•    How do we prevent discrimination?
•    How do we promote conscious inclusion?

2.    Change in Organizational Culture

a.    Calling on employees to behave differently
b.    Top down approach – if those at the top don’t take it seriously, no one else will
c.    Experiential learning exercises to understand others and step into their shoes
3.    Change in Policies and Procedures
a.    Clear measurements that tie to job performance
b.    Establishing employee and management expectations
c.    Policies and procedures that support the company’s goals  

If it’s time for your company to address any of the above issues, we can help. Ask about our on-site “Embracing Diversity and Inclusion” and schedule training today!


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