What do Lovers and Clients Have in Common?

Posted by: CEA's HR Advisor Team on Thursday, March 8, 2018

I’ve got a quick and easy assignment for you. Take a moment and think about the things that originally attracted you to your current love and list them on a piece of paper. On a second piece of paper write down the reasons you believe your current relationship has been successful. If you compare the two lists, I am willing to bet that the things that originally attracted you to your partner were mainly bells and whistles (looks, smile, personality, etc.) but the reasons why your relationship has endured are due to the “acts or service” you have each put into the relationship.

When you think of your own relationship like a contract– then it’s not such a stretch to believe that in order to keep your contract/relationship together, both parties must agree to keep the sale closed. Lovers and clients have a lot in common. When a relationship ends or when a customer doesn’t return, it means that one or both parties decided not to keep the sale closed.  

We attract others (friends, clients or romantic interests) with bells and whistles, but we keep them with the efforts or service we put into the relationship!

J. Howard Sheloy, has a great business book titled: Lovers or Clients: Selling Succeeds. Sheloy says that to keep the sale closed, you must perform the following six steps every time you have interaction with your lover or client.   

1.    Make contact
2.    Create interest, have something they want
3.    Create preference, by being interesting, informed and caring
4.    Be generous with your time
5.    Be generous with your talent
6.    Be generous with your treatment

The reason most frequently given for customers leaving is not price or quality…it’s lack of service after the sale!

So, the question your customers may be wondering is “What have you done for me lately”? And the question you need to ask yourself is “What was the last good thing we’ve done for our customers?

At CEA we have embraced Sheloy’s book. We continuously ask ourselves what more we can do for our members? If it’s good for you, it’s good for us.   

Let us know if we can help your team improve your relationships with your clients – can’t guarantee the lover part (we’re an HR company after all). We have customer service trainings designed to help you keep create interest and keep your sales closed!         


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